JATO Building Contractors team strongly believes in contributing actively to the communities in which we live and work. Supporting charities and philanthropic activities, and participating on the boards of nonprofit organizations allows our team to stay connected. As a family unit we have established a history of not only satisfied customers, but we recognize the value of community and the unique aspects of life on Long Island.
Some of our affiliations and active participation includes:

JATO’s team believes that animal care is a big part of our community. As strong advocates for animals we have helped rescue, house and protect hundreds of abused animals.

A board member of Support the Kid said it best by noting, “I wish for the day that STK is no longer needed, but until then, we will be here to help these children and their families in any way we can”. Our team wishes for a world without cancer, but we are willing and able to stand up and combat it while it exists.

The Staller Center is dedicated to providing arts experiences and educational opportunities to the Stony Brook University students along with its local community.  Most Staller Center offerings are subsidized by grants, sponsorships and individual donations that allow the Center to maintain excellence in programming and to keep ticket prices affordable.  Through both the Barbara N. Wien Arts & Education Endowment as well as an Educational Outreach Endowment, Staller can share the arts with youth and deserving non-profits.   JATO proudly supports Staller Center’s mission to ensure the future of the arts for all.  

Here at JATO we have a team that believes in being active in our community. Our team members belong to organizations, such as, the Three Village Kiwanis Club to better themselves as well as their community.

Contractors for Kids is a not-for-profit corporation founded for the purpose of providing assistance to families in our communities. This organization brings various contractors together in order to assist children and their families overcome obstacles that have unfortunately changed or have impacted their lives through sickness or injury or death. Together we are committed to this foundation and want to give hope and reassurance for their futures.